Mission: Regenesis

In the Milky way in the disant future, humans are reduced to ameobas after a intergalactic war. watch evolution take place as you see fit.
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 Sernouyk General Info

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Sernouyk General Info Sernou11
  • 42.55% Carbon dioxide
  • 29.34% Sulfer
  • 10.6% Nitrogen
  • 10.3% Oxygen
  • 3.2% Water vapor
  • 1.06% Carbon monoxide

  • Day= 21 hours
  • Year= 342 days
  • Axis=46.3 degrees
  • Temp= 450 F-60 F

A boiling, hostile world much closer to it's star the earth is. Riddled with volcanos, canyons, and a expansive web of lava rivers with only a few lake of water here and there.
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Sernouyk General Info
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