Mission: Regenesis

In the Milky way in the disant future, humans are reduced to ameobas after a intergalactic war. watch evolution take place as you see fit.
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 Flioclo manus- Mem Gen1 00001

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PostSubject: Flioclo manus- Mem Gen1 00001   Flioclo manus- Mem Gen1 00001 Icon_minitimeSat 24 Jan 2009, 7:09 pm

Flioclo manus- Mem Gen1 00001 Flioclomanus-1
Flioclo manus ( Flioclo manus)
Planet: Mem
Creator: Devlimjm
Generation: 1
Ancestor: ???
Habitat: Ocean
Status: least concern
Reproducton: Binary fission
Diet: Photosthesis, Consumer (Organic particles)
Size: Microscopic (1 cell)
Flioclomanus Is the earlist known life-from from Mem. It survives by using photosthesis the fuse the organic particles into porteins and carbohydrates. They are pink due to the fact thay the star they orbit gives off mostly green and blue light. The potassium in other organic creatures is instead replaced by arsenic in Flioclomanus. They are very mutagenic and each new daugter cells are genetically different then their parent cell.
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Flioclo manus- Mem Gen1 00001
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