Mission: Regenesis

In the Milky way in the disant future, humans are reduced to ameobas after a intergalactic war. watch evolution take place as you see fit.
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 Mars G2 00006- Quadsegmenten

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PostSubject: Mars G2 00006- Quadsegmenten   Fri 26 Sep 2008, 10:01 am


(Tetrasement prima)

Planet: Mars

Gen: 2

Status: Least Concern

Habitat: Martian Open Ocean (Twilight Zone)

Reproduction: Budding

Food sorce: Chemovore

Size: Microscopic (Multicellular)
Due to competion with the other organisms, a population of Gillevinia straata specialized. The Quadsegmenten asose to respond. They are made up of four cells due to a mutation that caused the daugter cells to start developing before they were completely seperated. They have developed thick cell walls that are made up of SiO2, making them impevious to attacks by predators. They are purple due to the light reflecting through their crystaline cell walls.

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PostSubject: Re: Mars G2 00006- Quadsegmenten   Sat 18 Oct 2008, 10:21 pm

A little fast 4 multi cellular
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Mars G2 00006- Quadsegmenten
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